Phone vs Sim Only Contracts

It seems that mobile phone users, especially iPhone users, are paying far too much for their contracts, it is an average of £95 per user, according to Which. This is because they have great difficulty in finding the best package available for them. Many people faced with a choice of two, look for the one which is less suited to them, though it might seem to them better value.

If you chose an iPhone you may be choosing to be tied into a certain contract. To save money the best course of operation is renegotiate your contract when it is finished based on how you have used the iPhone in the past. If you don’t do this, you will paying far too much for your calls, maybe more than your iPhone is worth. You may be paying the price of the iPhone several times over, without getting the value from the contract.

The problem is that many people are absent-minded and don’t even notice that their mobile phone contract is coming to an end. It is important to remember that you are only tied up to a contract for a limited time, even if it is the one which came with the iPhone. What happens after the contract finishes in up to you.

A 24 month contract may seem a huge commitment, but you save money on the phone itself. However it rarely adds up. If you chose a 24 month contract with EE the cost over 24 months will be £1,139 for the iPhone 6. With the Galaxy S6 it is even more at £1,314. If money is tight, you may regret getting so long a contract. Being tied to a contract far too long might not suit your budget. There’s also problems should you wish to upgrade your phone within two years, which many people choose to do.

There are many different Sim only deals, many which offer competitive prices. ID mobile has a 30 day contract which includes 500 MB of data, 500 minutes and 5000 texts, as well as 1 GB of data for £3.99 per month. Vodafone are offering 20 GB of data and both unlimited calls and texts for £11.75 per month. These does include fee access to Now TV, Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile, though you may prefer something else on your mobile or even more than one of these options.

EE offers a few Sim-only deals. A 12 month deal of 2GB of data with 1000 minutes and unlimited texts at £16.19 per month, which is preferable to the 24 month deal referred to above.
Another thing which will might have to you pay more is if you have what is known as “Nano SIM” with your phone. Not all networks offer contracts compatible with the Nano Sim, so it is always best to check.

Please note that the Sim and the Pay As You Go are better than othrr types of contracts if you have had trouble with your credit history. This would seem to make sense, a contract is quite a long commitment and needs reliable consumers. It is always a good idea to check your credit history before committing yourself to a contract, though many people just see a good offer, or a supposedly good offer,and are spurred on into action.

The other good thing about buying your iPhone outright is should you go abroad you will be able to switch between Pay-As-You-Go Sim and Sim only and be able to chose the cheapest for the country you are currently in.

It does counter-intuitive that we continue to accept the sky high prices for contracts when most people see items of technology becoming more affordable. Shouldn’t Smartphones live up to their name?

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